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Volunteer Opportunities

Edison School Volunteer Program

One of the things that makes Edison School a great place of learning is the support we get from parents, guardians and the community.  A direct way to help support the school is to volunteer your time.  There are a number of ways that parents and other caregivers can help support the school. 

Some examples of ways to volunteer:

  • Help with the Lunch Buddy program
  • Be a Classroom Volunteer
  • Art Docent
  • Garden Docent
  • Field Trip chaperone/driver
  • Book Fair support
  • PTA event planning/participation
  • Dad’s Club events planning/participation
  • Become an PTA officer, committee member
  • Join the Edison School Site Council (SSC)
  • Have another idea?  Please bring it to the office for consideration

All volunteers must fill out an AUSD Volunteer Agreement Form, which can be submitted to the Edison School main office upon completion.  If you intend to be a driver chaperone for field trips, you also must complete the fingerprint process on the form provided  here.   If you have any questions regarding required forms, please contact us in the Edison School office.


We encourage volunteering and community service through a Volunteer Recognition program, where we appreciate volunteers at an event near the end of the school year.  All you need to do is keep track of your volunteer efforts…here’s how:  (PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PROGRAM IS ON HOLD WHILE WE ARE IN DISTANCE LEARNING, BUT WILL LIKELY RESUME ONCE WE ARE BACK TO ON CAMPUS LEARNING)

  1. Contact the Edison office, classroom teacher or PTA committee representative about volunteering (see the Edison PTA website for contact information).  Some considerations:
    1. Lunch Buddies – Sign into office 5 minutes prior to lunch period (see below for more information)
    2. Field trip driver - Complete paperwork, fingerprinting, TB test to be able to drive.  See the Volunteering page on the AUSD website for more information about this.
    3. Other volunteer opportunities – please contact point person to schedule
  2. Record hours on the “Otter Time Card”, which is also available in the school office.
  3. Submit Otter Time Card during first 2 weeks in May to the school office.  Photo of time card can also be emailed to the office.
  4. Announcements will be made near the end of the school year regarding the recognition event.  Anyone that volunteered their time during the school year is encouraged to attend and celebrate with us!


Our "Lunch Buddies" program offers parents or guardians a chance to help supervise during the lunch hour.  One day a week, more if you can, or whatever time you can spare...your help is appreciated!  Below is a link:

     Lunch Buddies (Parent Volunteers) - Procedures.pdf (PDF)

You can always contact your child's teacher, or the school office, to find out more ways to help.