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Principal's Message

April 14, 2020


Dear Edison Families,

First, I would like to share how much we miss seeing your child in person each day.  This has been a challenging time for all of us, as our system adapts to support our students during this unprecedented time.  It is the most major and extended disruption to PreK12 instruction that any of us have experienced.  Our goals right now in AUSD are to:

  • Establish a simple routine for our students
  • Maintain clear communication with students and families  
  • Provide opportunities for students to continue to have strong relationships with other students and have the opportunity to talk to others who care about them
  • Have everyone’s well-being take priority over assignments and behavioral compliance
  • Give students a sense of safety and hope

I want to re-share the Distance Learning Opportunity Guidance FAQ with you (this includes sample schedules and resources to use to support your child during this time).  We have had to work hard to provide access to students across grade levels and schools, including our students with an IEP.  We have families at our own school and across the district who only have one device at home and have multiple children who need to access Zoom and Google Classroom. We are aware that 20 minute windows on Zoom may need to be adjusted for our students based on their developmental level and ability level.  We also need to be cautious about encouraging excessive screen time as a replacement for the classroom as both research and practical experience show that to be an ineffective swap.

As access and equity stretch beyond device and internet access, teachers will not be grading work, but instead will provide feedback and constructive comments to support students’ understanding of the learning opportunities they offer.  Zoom calls are meant to connect with our students and provide some guidance on the Distance Learning Opportunities provided.  Office hours are meant to provide time to review, clarify, and otherwise help support student understanding of provided activities.  So although there is not any whole class extended “teaching” at this time, we are working to ensure that we provide Distance Learning Opportunities and that we are supporting our students.

For our students with IEPs, during this time when our in-class instruction is suspended, the District is unable to provide the services as written in the IEP.  Please refer to Special Education Director Pam Kazee’s Prior Written Notice Memo for details.  To the extent feasible and in line with health and safety, your child will continue to receive support through distance learning opportunities and tailored related support. These services must be delivered in an alternative manner that is consistent with the shelter-in-place order across the State of California, as explained in the Director’s letter to the families.

Lastly, your input, as well as your child’s, are greatly valued by us.  In addition to the weekly student survey that we ask students to give input through starting last Wednesday, AUSD will also be sending out a Distance Learning Family Survey tomorrow.  We hope to gather input from parents and guardians as well on topics listed in the paragraphs above.  Please look for this survey to come out tomorrow and share your input with us to help us improve our processes.

I hope this offers some explanation and clarification regarding the approach that the district and our site have taken.  Thanks as always for your support.



Greg Sahakian

Principal, Edison School