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Goal of 100% Adoption!

Please help us meet our goal of adopting all classrooms and earning $11,500. This money goes directly to the teachers and supports the programs in each classroom.

Adopt-A-Classroom by clicking here or by visiting the AEF website. Thank you for your support!

AEF Adopt-A-Classroom

Adopted Classrooms 2018-2019

Thank you so very much to the families, individuals, and organizations that so generously support our classrooms this during the 2018-2019 school year - 7 of our teachers have already been adopted this fall! We are so grateful for the generosity and caring shown to our staff. To adopt a classroom, please click HERE to go to the AEF Adopt-a-classroom website.


Please check back soon to see our newest adoptions!
The following teachers can still be adopted for the 2018-2019 school year:

Michelle Dunn-Ruiz - Kindergarten

Jackie Dodge - First

Micka Geritz - First

Linda Valler - First

Regina del Rosario - Second

Sarah Hinds - Second

Glenn Aitkens - Third

Jennifer Howell - Third

Susan Isola - Third

Chris Lonsdale - Fourth/Fifth

Kelly Schroeder - Fifth
Huai Yu Chew - Special Education

Shelby Marshall - Special Education

Mary Lee - Special Education

Julia Neff - Special Education

Beth Clifford - PE

Dan Foltz - Music
Lisa Lee - Reading Intervention