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Morning/Line up procedures


  • Put your snack on the red snack trolley that will be outside.
  • Once full day schedule begins, put your lunch on the lunch trolley.
  • If you are having a school lunch, sign up on the clipboard on the trolley.
  • Line up on the red line.
  • Once inside, put your backpack on your chair. I will call tables to put it in the cubbies.
  • Hang hats on the hooks.
  • If homework is due that day, put the homework folder in the homework basket.

Ana Soria-Kevy

Ana Soria-Kevy Locker
11/24/16 9:54 PM
2/19/17 2:45 PM
1/1/16 7:27 PM
8/26/15 8:31 PM
8/26/15 8:42 PM
1/1/16 7:23 PM
11/24/16 10:43 PM
8/26/15 8:38 PM
8/26/15 8:28 PM