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Common Core Test Resources

Looking for information about the Common Core tests your students took last spring? AUSD’s  "Common Core Assessments" web page offers a wealth of information on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP), also known as the "Common Core Test" or "Smarter, Balanced Test." Please visit the page to find an FAQ about CAASPP, links to layperson-friendly websites about the assessment, and updates on when the results from last spring's test will be released. Families will also be receiving information about understanding the test results in the mail when the individual student reports are sent out in September.


What is the CAASPP?

The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress. The CAASPP has replaced the CSTs or the STAR. The CAASPP is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and assesses the full breadth and depth of the standards.

What does SBAC stand for?

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. SBAC is one of the organizations that is designing the assessments. You can learn more at their website:

What types of questions are on the CAASPP?

The CAASPP asks a variety of higher order thinking skills questions such as graphs, essays, multiple correct answers, matching tables, yes/no, true/false, supporting with evidence, etc. The STAR assessments only asked multiple choice, true/false, and yes/no questions.

What is CAT or a Computer Adaptive Test?

Students are administered a set of test questions that are appropriately challenging based upon their answers to the questions. The test adapts item by item until the content of the test blueprint is covered.

What are Performance Tasks (PT)?

Performance Tasks involve significant interaction of students with stimulus materials and/or engagement in a problem and solution. Teachers conduct a class discussion with a provided prompt. Students are then asked to answer a series of questions about the performance task.

What are the areas tested on the CAASPP?

Math Claims (Content Clusters): concepts and procedures, problem solving, modeling and data analysis

English Language Arts Claims (Content Clusters): reading, writing, speaking and listening, research and inquiry

Where can I learn more about the CAASPP?

Go to the website:

Understanding Your Child's Score Report

For an information video from the CDE on your child's CAASPP Score Report, please click here.