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Emergency Procedures

Focusing on the safety of students will always be #1 priority during an emergency.  In order for the emergency response plan to work as effectively as possible, it is imperative that all parents know how they can best contribute and thereby serve the best interests of their children.  Below is a link to the Student Safety Parent Handout, which outlines emergency procedures for AUSD:

Student Safety Parent Handout


The duties and responsibilities (ways you can help) of the parents of Edison School students are as follows:

  • Maintain an updated student card with emergency information at all times and submit it to the school.  Notify the school immediately if information changes.
  • Discuss emergencies and preparedness with your children -- what steps should be taken during an emergency at school, their importance, and where the family will meet.  Refer to the Edison School Handbook under Disaster Procedures for additional emergency response details.
  • Reassure your children that the school is prepared and they should follow any instructions they receive from their teachers or administrators.
  • During an emergency, monitor emergency information on the radio and/or television.
  • Remind your children they are to stay at school until dismissed or are picked up by either their parents or an authorized person.
  • During an emergency, do not call the school.  Office staff will be in the Student Release Area and will not be in the office to answer calls.  All phone lines must remain open and available for contacting necessary emergency services and/or the district offices.
  • Familiarize yourselves and advise the person(s) listed on the school emergency form of the necessity of lining up and remaining calm at the Student Release Area.  The area will be located at the entrance to the school nearest basketball courts on Pearl Street.  If inclement weather is present, the Student Release Area will be located in the school’s Multi-Purpose Room if deemed safe to occupy.  In focusing on the safety of the students, the school will only release students through the Student Release Area.   Students will not be released on their own.  Anyone who comes to school to pick up a child must show a valid photo identification.  Please understand that a messenger will bring your child to the parent or designated person once verification of authorized pick-up person has been completed.  No one will be allowed to get a student except our staff - this is in the interest of keeping all of the students calm.
  • Discuss with your children the importance of participating in emergency drills or lessons at school and the need to take them seriously.
  • Prepare your own home for an emergency and conduct your own emergency drills with your family.
  • Become familiar with the Edison’s school SITE EMERGENCY PLAN and ANNEX.