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Homework for Thursday, May 5

Reading: Read for 30 minutes


Math:  pages 17 and 18


Spelling:  Do an activity of your choice using spelling words.









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Glenn Aitkens

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Important dates and events

See the file End of Year Dates on the left sidebar.

science website

Site:  This is the website for the science program that is used in the classroom.  There’s lots if information on the site, including the textbook as an ebook, as well as interactive activities.  From time to time homework will be assigned from this site. Here’s the information students need to access the site at home:

  1. Go to the site.
  2. The class Login is edisongrade5science.
  3. The password is Otters19.

Fifth grade discipline plan


At a recent staff meeting Ms. Sweet asked teachers to post their discipline plans on their classroom web pages.  Ms. Schroeder, Ms. Flanagan, and I agreed on the plan as stated below:

Discipline Procedures for 5th Grade:

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Brief  conference with the teacher at the beginning of  recess
  3. If behavior continues, parent contact (e-mail or phone call)

Good behavior is rewarded in class, in various ways, depending on teacher.  Teachers frequently review behavior expectations with class. 

If there is a physical fight, stealing, unsafe behavior, inappropriate language, or extreme defiance, student will be sent to Mrs. Sweet for a conference.

During switching for science, social studies, or special projects, any problems will be reported to the regular classroom teacher, to contact parents.

If there is a conflict during recess, one of the teachers will discuss it with the involved students during the next available recess.