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Common Core State Standards Initiative Homepage for the Common Core Standards, nationwide.


Common Core State Standards - CALIFORNIA Here are the Common Core Standards for California. (Each state is allowed to add a certain amount of extra content to the nationwide Common Core Standards.)


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Second Grade Teachers

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Welcome to the homepage for Edison's second grade teachers!

Useful Second Grade Information

Second Grade Behavior Policy

In second grade, all three teachers use a color chart to manage behavior. Our emphasis is on positive reinforcement and on clear, consistent consequences for misbehavior.

Each day, students start on green. They “color up” for good choices, and “color down” for poor choices. If students color down, they always have the option to color back up when they get back on track. Each teacher has a slightly different reward for coloring up to the top of the color chart (e.g. a special certificate). Consequences for poor choices are walking laps at recess and the teacher contacting the student’s parents (the specific details of when and how the teacher contacts parents vary slightly from classroom to classroom). In cases of conflict between students in different classes, the teacher of the offender usually handles the situation. Our emphasis during conflicts is on both sides getting to express their perspectives, figuring out what to work on or do better next time, and apologizing or making reparations as needed. In cases of violent behavior, students are sent immediately to the principal.

In addition, all three teachers have group incentives (e.g. class points, free time minutes) to reward the whole class for good choices and good behavior.

In second grade, we manage behavior using positive reinforcement in order to help each child make good choices and be successful.

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