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Edison Homework Policies

homework Policies K-5

The teachers have collaborated to define our own grade level homework policy for the Edison Community. If you need further information please discuss this with your child’s teacher.  


Each teacher has homework that is based on the week’s Reading/Language Arts and Math curricula.  Reading/Language Arts includes concepts of phonemic awareness and work related to the letter(s) of the week. Each teacher assigns nightly reading for minimum of 10 minutes. Math homework reflects concepts covered during the week. Extension activities are provided for differentiation.

First Grade

All three first grade classrooms send the same homework every week. It is sent via email with hard copies made available to those who need it. The format stays the same but the content follows the weekly math and language arts curricula as it is designed to reinforces the week’s concepts. There is also a take home phonics book to practice reading skills. We suggest spending 10 minutes per night on the work in the packet. The reading log is separate from the 10 suggested minutes as most parents and guardians are already reading to their children.

Second Grade

All second graders have the same homework packet. Homework is assigned Monday and due the following Monday. Students are expected to read at least 10 minutes per day and fill in their reading log. Once per week, students write about a book they have read. Students practice spelling four nights a week, putting their words in ABC order, completing word sorts, then practicing for the weekly test. Two pages of Math are assigned per night. 

Third Grade

All teachers use the same homework in third grade. The teachers use Spelling City and Raz-Kids online to practice reading skills. Students are assigned two math workbook pages. Each student is also required to keep a reading log and read for a minimum of 20 minutes every day. 

Fourth Grade

Forty to fifty minutes of homework per night is the norm.  Each student is asked to read 20-30 minutes per night.   Students are expected to work for 20 minutes on the math problems assigned for that night.  Throughout the year longer term projects will be assigned that will be worked on in both class and at home.

Fifth Grade

Reading homework is either independent or assigned. Sometimes writing will be assigned for research projects. No more than 50 minutes per night is required. No homework will be assigned for the weekend unless it is unfinished work from the week or longer term projects.