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Drop Off and Pick Up Policy


With more than 470 students, Edison has many families that we welcome to school each day.  In the name of safety, we ask for your patience and cooperation during the most congested drop-off and pickup times.  Please help us everyone where they need to be as safely as possible by using the following guidelines in coming to and from school:



  1. Please slow down and drive carefully as you approach the school and enter a drop off zone or parking space. 

  2. Drop-off Zones: There are 2 drop-off zones on either side of the campus, one along Versailles Street and one along Pearl Avenue. 

    1. Pull as far forward in the drop-off lane as you can

    2. Drop off children at the curb only. Plan for children to exit your vehicle on the curb side only.

    3. Safely and slowly pull out of the drop off lane to merge back into traffic.

    4. Do not leave your car unattended in the drop off zones. 

    5. Do not stop or double park to unload passengers in the middle of the crosswalk or in front of passing cars. 

    6. Do not drop off your child across the street from the drop off zone to have students cross the street in the middle of the block

  3. Remember that it is illegal to park or drop off in red zones, loading zones, and handicap zones.

  4. U-turns and double parking are prohibited. 

  5. Do not stop in/block driveways or crosswalks at any time.

  6. Parking is available in neighborhoods around Edison.  Allow sufficient time to find a space and walk.

  7. Afternoon Pickup:  If you are picking up your student after school, please remember that white curbs identify designated loading zones, which require drivers to remain with their cars.  Arrange for your student to be waiting at the curb if you plan to use these zones for pickup. Do not double-park or leave you car when in the white-curbed loading zone.  Find legal parking if you plan to enter campus to meet your student.



  1. Always wear a helmet and bright clothing, be mindful of pedestrians, and walk your bike in crosswalks (it’s the law). 

  2. Enter campus safely and always walk your bike on school grounds. 

  3. Bike parking is located in the gated bike rack next to Room 21.  Please lock your bike or scooter. 



  1. Cross the street at crosswalks only. 

  2. Wait for and follow crossing guard instructions. 

  3. Walk in a group with others whenever possible. 

  4. Never assume a driver can see you - make eye contact and wait for acknowledgement from the driver before crossing in front of a vehicle. 

Families can refer to the Edison School Routes Map to find the best route for going to and from school.

Thank you for your efforts at keeping all of our students safe to and from school!