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Parents' Hotline (510)748-4002

The Parents' Hotline is a telephone system for if you child is ill or will not be in school for any reason. A parent or guardian must notify the school no later than 8:30 am.

** Please call early -- before 8:00 am or even in the middle of the night! You must provide a reason for the absence.


Attendance is Important!

Students are expected to be present everyday for school, except when ill. Prompt and regular attendance at school help develop good personal and academic habits. All absences and tardies are recorded and become a permanent part of each student's record. The only legal reason for excusing and absence or tardy are:

  • illness
  • medical appointments
  • religious holidays
  • death in the family

Absences and tardies for any other reason are recorded as unexcused.


If you are taking your child to a doctor or dentist appointment, all absences or tardies for this purpose must be cleared with Heidi Kolden with a Visit Verification note.  Your doctor or doctor's receptionist will know what this is.   It must have the doctor's office letterhead or information on the form. 

If you arrive at the school to pick up your child, please come to the office.  You may not go to the classroom once school has begun.  Please allow an additional few minutes to call your child up for departure, and also please let us know if they will be returning after pickup.


If you are picking up your child early, 30 or more minutes before school is dismissed for the day, for any other reason, this will count as an unexcused tardy.      


Excessive tardies and/or absences will result in notification by letter from the school and/or a conference with the principal.


Attendance letter will be sent home for the following reasons:

  • after accruing five tardies
  • after three tardies of more than thirty minutes each
  • after three unexcused absences
  • after any combination of the absences and tardies previously listed


State law places the responsibility of regular attendance upon the parent/guardian. Each absence must be confirmed by a phone call from the parent/guardian stating the reason for the absence.


If you know your child will be absent from school for more than five days (for reason other than illness), contact the office to discuss the possibility of setting up a Contracted Study.


Contracted Study

A contracted study is when your child will be missing a minimum of 5 days of school.  If you know this will be occurring, you may request a Contracted Study.  You must request a Contracted Study a minimum of 5 days prior to departure.  This allows your child's instructor time to prepare.  Please come to the office to fill out and sign the contract, and return it to Heidi Kolden, who will process the contract.  

Your child will be given work, and a copy of the contract on the last day in attendance before departure.  

All work must be completed during the absence, and returned to the office, before school, on the day of return to receive credit.  If any of the work is not completed, this can result in the duration being marked as uncleared, which would mark your child as truant.  If part of your child's contracted study includes drawings or photographs, we will return the items once processed.


Please contact Heidi Kolden if you have any questions about attendance, or the policies.


Students who arrive after 8:20 am are considered tardy and are required to check into the office for admission to school. The office will issue a tardy pass to the student, which must be given to the teacher upon entering class. 

**Parents may not collect a tardy pass for their child.