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Dress Code Survey
Posted 11/3/18

In July 2018 the Board of Education approved changes to AUSD's student dress code policy.  This followed a process catalyzed by a group of middle school students and their teacher who advocated for change first at their school site level and later on a districtwide basis. 


Implemented in August 2018, the revised dress code policy is based on three key principles:

1. All students are encouraged to dress in a manner that is comfortable and conducive to an active school day.

2. Students should be able to wear clothing without fear of or actual unnecessary discipline or body shaming.

3. The student dress code should serve to support all students to develop a body-positive self-image.


Now that the revised dress code has been in effect for 3 months, we are surveying stakeholder groups (students, staff, and families) to assess the experiences and perspectives with the change.  The links to the family and student surveys are below:


Family Survey


Student Survey


All responses will be kept confidential and aggregate data will only be shared by stakeholder group or by school site.  The overall data will be used by the dress code workgroup to assess the success of the pilot implementation, and inform potential revisions to the policy in future presentations to the Board of Education.


Our dress code web page includes a link to the pilot policy and related resources:


Thank you for your participation.